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Doggie Village Apex (DVA) is a new pet boarding and dog daycare facility in Apex, North Carolina where the focus is on a safe, warm, friendly and fun atmosphere for all our guests. Located in a 9600 square foot building, DVA has a designated cat boarding room, a play room set aside just for our smaller staycationers, affectionately know as “littles”, and 4 other indoor play areas for groups of bigger dogs. We treat each dog according to their personalities and want to make each one’s stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible. The accommodations are intended to give each boarder a spacious place to stay without feeling like they are confined. Items from home are welcome, since we consider DVA a hotel for pets. At check-in, your dog is assigned to a suite and that is his or her room for their entire stay. Our goal at Doggie Village Apex is to make your pet forget they’re not at home. Day care dogs and boarders alike play for the better part of their day. Suites are for naps and a good nights’ sleep so they can play again the next day.



Doggie Village Apex offers full day daycare Monday through Saturday, 7 am- 7 pm.  We have boarding in spacious 4x6 or 6x8 luxury suites, complete with bedding. In addition to supervised play for a large portion of the day, dogs are taken outside for potty breaks 4 times a day. Owners have the option of bringing their own food or having their pets fed with DVA’s house food, which is high quality, grain free, Made in the USA and supplied locally. Treats are also high quality, Made in the USA and grain free. We are pleased to announce the addition of full time, full service certified professional groomer. Marisa Congilaro brings 20 years of experience from Rochester, NY where she received her grooming education at Rochester Institute of Dog Grooming. For some pets, especially cats, a boarding situation is stressful, no matter the steps taken to try to avoid it. For those pets, DVA will be happy to go to your home and make regular visits to feed and care for pet cat(s), birds and fish in your absence. No snakes, however! Various prices are listed below.







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